Neomoorea irrorata (Colombia/Panama)

I’ve been very excited lately as our Neomoorea irrorata has come into bloom. These are the types of plants that make me passionate about growing orchids so I make sure to point out the amazing cinnamon-ochre colored flowers to anyone stopping by. Its notorious for never (or almost never) blooming- something that doesn’t sit well when the plant takes up a large amount of space with its 4’ leaves. It’s at home to the misty cloud forests of Colombia and Panama where it can occur as an ephiphyte or terrestrial. 

Earlier this week Thomas Mirenda (Orchid Collection Specialist at the Smithsonian) was in town and stopped by the greenhouse. If you get to spend even a little time with him you quickly see just how extremely knowledgeable he is. During our conversation he saw the Neomoorea in flower and mentioned that there is supposed to be a butterfly that looks like the lip of this species, something I’d never heard before but after looking at the lip seem so obvious! Things like that make me appreciate growing orchids even more.